22 June 2010
Heaps of beans
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Don’t expect this post to have some clever point. It doesn’t. I just wanted to share some verbal curiosities.


Word: Leguminous
Citation: “My ideal is to always have the beans ready to pick shortly after the peas are finished, for a continuous leguminous harvest.”
Plentiful in legumes
Source: Farmer Dave in Farmer Dave’s Community Supported Agriculture Newsletter


Word: Understep (variant, Undertrod)
Citation: “Kitty Kitty sure likes to understep you when you give him food he doesn’t like.”
Meaning: To purposely get under foot, as in cats
Source: Me, discussing Kitty Kitty’s dislike of Peas with Salmon flavor food with my gentleman friend


Damn, I forget what #3 was, and it was good too. I’ll let you know if I remember.

Word: Disorienteering
Citation: “There should really be a word in English for when you go walking in the woods and you think you’re going to come out in a certain place, but in fact, you’ve circled back to where you started. Oh, that should be ‘disorienteering’”.
Meaning: See above
Source: Me again, talking to my gentleman friend on the phone, who was engaged in said activity in the wooded portion of an office park


Word: Grossfruit
Citation: “Gross grapefruit.  Grossfruit.”
Meaning: Um, a gross grapefruit.
Source: Elizabeth Gale (@drinkerthinker) on Twitter

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