Fresh hot design here. With icing on top!

If we connect and get on well, then I’m pretty much open to any design challenge you can throw at me. You know what you need? Let’s talk, I’ll figure out a custom project plan and price just for you. Here are some of the sorts of things I get up to:

  • brand, marketing and social media strategy
  • visual brand design (aka logos!)
  • website design and development, with happy CMS’s
  • print design (stationery systems, brochures, annuals, books, postcards, CSR reports, handouts, you name it)
  • email and print newsletters
  • brand style guides, standards and brand palettes

I realize this page is a little anemic right now (and yes, kale would help) — luckily I can talk your ear off in person, on the phone or even via email, about how strategic design and branding can make your business life that much more awesome. Just drop me a line.