13 October 2010

Kangaroo in the Library, polymer plate etching by Annie SmidtNo, this is not an impassioned plea to stop your consumerist ways and utilize our publicly-funded resources instead. Rather, I thought I’d point out that I added a page to the site here, called “library“.  It will grow as I find more good stuff, but I spewed out a bunch of mini-book-reports to begin.

I’m really grateful for all the ideas, inspirations, ass-kickin’s, confirmations, brain-fist-fights and comfort and joy I get from books, blogs and various other digital goodies — so it seemed apropos to share. (Damn, spellcheck, “à propos” is one English word now, really?!)

And, of course, there’s no time like the crispy days of autumn to curl up with a nice book, or a blog post on Instapaper. So, pull up an inglenook and enjoy.

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